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What makes Youtube a great platform to bring in an additional stream of traffic is its number of users. Moreover, optimization guidelines for Google and Youtube are very similar and optimizing your videos for Google will automatically rank on Youtube as well.

To shed some light on the necessary steps to take, follow these tips below: Youtube did not become the second largest search engine today for nothing.

Youtube is an influential platform for bloggers (or vloggers), freelancers and businesses to gain more fans and business.

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Customizing your thumbnails do not directly help you rank better. Adding a thumbnail to your video that resonates with the viewers can impact your click-through rate drastically. Try to create a customized thumbnail that will stand out against the white and blue background of Google.

Use bold colors such as orange, red and green to stand out and contrast the thumbnail from the page background.

Naturally, she loves her son, grateful for the opportunity to be with him, but she feels trapped, lonely, and like every other mom is having more fun.

Sometimes it’s so bad she gets into the shower at the end of the day and just cries.

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