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It didn’t take long to think of Joyce Nizzari, a fellow Bronx native whose December 1958 Playmate pictorial kicked off a half-century personal and professional relationship with Hef. I was young when I left, so the only thing I remember is the zoo. Time had to pass for it to come around to where a girl like me, whose ethnicity you don’t necessarily know, could be successful.So we got Joyce and Nina together to swap Playmate stories and compare their definitions of true sexiness. Size, height and weight began to matter less; it became more about who you are as a person, what you bring to the table, how well you manage social media.

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He worked on Fox Sports Radio until January when he announced his departure.

Mohr is also busy right now attempting to get sole custody of his son from estranged wife Nikki Cox, who he alleges has a drug problem.

Whatever they brought to the table was worthy, was good enough. We all have our own stories to tell, and not being afraid to show that part of ourselves—I think that’s very attractive.

It’s a mystery that you have, a mystery about you, because no one can ever know what you know.

” That meant so much to me—to not only be seen in my most vulnerable state, but to also be presented, in words, for who I am.