Cam free sexy web woman - While updating my iphone froze

Just purchased an i Pad and updating thro i Tunes, while it was preparing to update the unit, it failed. I have tried shut it down and tried hold down the sleep and home buttons, when it back on it just tried to connect to i Tunes. Follow Apple's instructions to deleted i Tunes, Quick Times, Application Softwares etc, re-install i Tunes, it doesn't work.

Now no matter what I do, the i Pad turn on with the screen says plug into i Tunes.

Now, select the i Phone or i Pad from the menu, after i Tunes detects it, and then force restart it.

That means simultaneously pressing and holding the home and the standby buttons for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If a backup isn’t available, users should simply make a backup of the device in i Tunes, and then restore from it.