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This in contrast to Twitter, where people post 11% less tweets on weekends than they do on weekdays (ibid. China is in the midst of a “microblogging revolution” (Sullivan 2012, 773).Online government regulations and censorship have not turned Chinese Internet or Weibo into a social media prison.

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Xie Na stars in many popular Chinese films and television series.

She has also released several albums, founded a personal clothing line, and published two books.

‘Weibo’ literally means ‘micro-blog.’Weibo is often explained as the Chinese equivalent of Twitter or Facebook, two services that are blocked in mainland China.

The year that Sina Weibo was launched (2009) was a pivotal year for China in terms of micro-blogging.

, media argued, and Weibo would soon be on the way out as online free speech becomes more and more limited.