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"AJmust* l JIow do you do, Dry Skinl'" she laughed. It fa now the home of h U great- ly feat-granddaughter v Lady Stanharn, her son. Qumiin 5ianham nnd hw wife, formerly Miss Antonia Elaxland, tnea threat- grandaughtcr uf Gregory Rlaxland, Jrader of the first expedition to cross the Blue Mountains. • k G, k 2 log., w) fwd * rep, from * to * to Iut r» its,, k 6. Actual inspec- tions, although occasionally enforced, were uncommon. Steve's pale eyes raced the clearing, searching for signs of a trap. The man in the white shirt was srul standing on the step of the muitard- colored building. A delayed recognition of some- thing threateningly familiar drew his fleeting glance back to the man on the step.

Miss Evans admitted that when she meets a woman she also meets a complexion. Containing nearly 100 rooms, the mansion was built by convict labor more than 130 years ago for farmer British Army officer John Mucurtbur, who introduced merino- wool growing in Australia in 1797. It won't take lung/' A ■harp warning jangled at the words.

Goodbye to ^gargoyles" *p IE 'Chelsea Ijoo V u£ all -eyes- and-no-mou I h, ihaf made girls look like eargoyle*t has gone out — Mid thank goodness," said beauty consultant Mi si Myfanwy ("Muf T) Evans, "The old-fashioned round- eyed look »s the latest thing* Mis* Kvans, who lives in Luudrjn for half the W&t urni tours the world during the other half, b in Australia to introduce a new range of protlurts. " Only wondering if it could have pc J past without notice. He could not fully convince himself that this was a murine stop, and a hand remained in the pocket where he now carried the gun. The officer looked carefully through them all, ihe entry permits, the papers cover- ing the car.

Ptrth Letter*' Ao K 4*1 G, OJPj O Tununkt: Letter* to Sydney address. 1965 MRJM CONTENTS Social Fralures Wm Your Mirr Ujte Sttrwre I965r . Crairahaw said she could now feel her facial oil, you looked so different," *aid her teenage daughter .ifier a school function the other day. But before he Id leave Ramirez had waved on ruck and retumrd and, ai Igh there had l*en no break in u conversation, picked up the About the hardtop, Inspector, i ^ere saying ? It seemed to him that if must be a trap, and, had he been driving, in a sickness of fright be might have wheeled around and headed back the other way. be almost ordered the girl to disregard the fat patrolman wav- ing at them, to barrel right through. Nevertheless, a continuing appre- hension filmed h U forehead.

the best tasting Dental Cream in the world Page X Hr*d CHTlre: 1H dtsllcragh tit* Sydaejr, Lei ten; Bo* 40*4 WW. n All very neeessary, 1 nppcbr, to protect the local Jwra A new kind of plant r - lii wreak havoc m pat 2 warm climate,* 1 fate n il i .unimisly. I don' I think you even realised that Honey was late. Jmacki* round she ecu : Leu the chijdren clamor n for lunch money , tck» mki. She ignored them r irn- fuily and stayed t' the window watching Charlie bis way to the car, u 'Tin? — a gleam in hi i rye Caprrighi ic) 196^ 1 Barbara Rohinsff. t N ihc I ov;ihie Iihi L (hut is ilii inn,: heads everywhere' Notice "Feci free s " wide-Mretch siryp^ uml side xtrcrch of Lycra face . wine (which twice won gold medals in England), and they distilled the first colonial brandy. They landed in 1790, looter Maearthur left the Army to concentrate on breeding merino mjoo L Some Camden wool brought 10/4 ft. Page 78 The Austhaliaii Woman's Wemilt - April 14, IMS National Library of Australia 974 Pictures by staff photographer Ron Berg ENTRANCE to "Camden Park House" ( above) fare* east; the western side (below ) overlooking the garden has a urisferia-ihoded verandah supported by coin inns cut from local stone by convict*. Verge, the mansion originally had only one bathroom, built in a secluded part of the garden. "It will do you good to get out and stretch ycnir Ecgs, Youll be dead a long, long time." Menendcs watched them get out of the car, thr man first lean, taut, glancing quickly at the sergeant be- fore he turned to help the girl out on to the drive.