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i don't really care for the rest of whats backed up except my contacts, does anyone know a way to retrieve it? Hi, JAE_MIKE, Even I changed my phon code in NSS sofware then I went to to get the latest version software for my N95 when I installed in my PC then I connected to my phone, so within 5 minutes update done. My friends yu need to do this:1-Backup to sdcard .2-Plug your phone to pc on pcsuite mode.3-Open NSS and click scan for new device.4-Click phone info.5-Click read.6-In product code change yours for your phone code to 0534841.6-Mark enable next to the new code.7-Click write.8-Click read again to verify the change.9-Close NSS and open Nokia Software Update and follow the steps to update.10-Your phone is... The author of this document cannot be held responsible for damages caused to your phone in the event that the procedure fails and you're left with a "brick".

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Top-left is a 2D barcode encoding the IMEI number of the handset. Make a note of it because you're going to put it back when you're done upgrading.

Below that it's printed out, and below that there's "Code: 0546659". The next step is going to be to fire up Nemesys Service Suite and get it to confirm the product code.

while I read on the news on this site that there is a 2version of firmware available. I would buy the N95-3 because it supports the 3G in US but I'm Italian and I would have the Italian language included. hey has anyone had troubles restoring their information?

I got to update my phone and did a back up before that. The proccess would freeze at 73% and so I lost all my contacts...

From now on, your phone will identify itself to NSU as a plain, non-branded handset, and this will instruct NSU to fetch the latest version of the firmware released by Nokia.