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We hope these discs will help serve as a testing ground for some of the changes we have been back porting for Moksha before we tag a 0.3.0 release of the desktop.Because we are a project driven 100% by volunteers, there are no strict time lines for how the release cycle for 5.0.0 will fully pan out."A new bootplash is now included in each ISO and at boot time after install.

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"Proxmox VE 5.2 comes with new features like the Cloud-init package for automation of VM provisioning, a CIFS/SMB storage plug-in, and the Let's Encrypt certificate management via the graphical user interface.

The Proxmox development team further expands the cluster functionality making the creation and configuration of Proxmox VE clusters possible via the web interface.

Nu Ty X is available in standard (minimal), Xorg and MATE editions.

Download (pkglist): Nu Ty X_x86_64-10.2(283MB, SHA256), Nu Ty X_x86_64-xorg-10.2(635MB, SHA256), Nu Ty X_x86_64-mate-10.2(1,665MB, SHA256).

Linux TLE was a community Linux distribution developed in Thailand and designed for the Thai speaking audience.