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They don't want their students to be killed and to be hurt,' he said of 'patriots' who could become schools' first line of defense against crazed attackers.

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Trump, a happy warrior following a harrowing week of fallout from a deadly school shooting, took the stage to shouts of 'USA! ' – and quickly shifted into self-deprecating mode.'What a nice picture that is! 'But Trump's deadly serious moments included a line urging Americans to back 'common sense measures that will protect the rights of law-abiding Americans while helping to keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a danger to themselves and to others.''It's not, "Do you love guns? That, the White House has signaled, will be accomplished through a series of emotionally charged events like the one on Wednesday that saw grieving students and bereaved parents sit down with the president for a listening session.'On Wednesday, I had the honor of meeting with students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, with families who have lost their children in prior shootings – great families, great people – and with members of the local community right here in Washington, D.

' he joked, pointing to a giant video screen offstage. C.,' Trump said.'Our whole nation was moved by their strength and courage.' 'We listened to their heart-wrenching stories, asked them for ideas and pledged to them ... We will do something,' he vowed, saying 'there are not enough tears in the world' for suffering families.

Vice President Mike Pence delivered his own speech a day before Trump, defending his boss's priorities while simultaneously drumming up support for GOP congressional candidates in the fall.'Your president and I need you to show up,' Pence told activists as he urged them to 'defend all that we've accomplished.''It's been a year of promises made and promises kept,' he claimed, while declaring 2017 the most significant year in the history of American conservatism.

CPAC is typically a less boisterous affair in years when presidential elections aren't on tap.

Cabinet secretaries and major White House lieutenants were on hand, however, even if they didn't face tough questions.