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"If the computer is stolen, your data will of course be stolen with it, but according to encryption experts, your data can not be extracted and read by any known means on the planet." Plus, I had a lot more security barriers than that, including the detail that I had just lied in fact, if not in overall conception, to the lady. "From your questionnaire, you wish to be restrained, preferably standing and fully clothed for a period of four hours. "You have put two question marks next to gagged and blindfolded." I waited."I... That would give you an idea of what it felt like without chancing a very painful jaw cramping. Her arms were in manacles behind her and were pulled up toward the ceiling by a rope that was fairly taut.

She sat down in the very comfortable chair across from my desk, but definitely didn't relax.

I pulled up her file from the database, decrypted it and began to study it.

Then I unhooked a small gold chain that went from a band around her waist, down and through the crack of her pussy, back up through a small retention loop in the dildo she was wearing in her ass, then up to the waistband.

I slowly pulled the dildo out of her ass, leaving a gaping hole about an inch across.

But, this was no surprise - all of my clientele were wealthy, or they couldn't afford my services.