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At least she had nice tits, she thought, and very sensitive, still feeling the tingling from Dave's earlier grope. "Let's go lay in the sun and soak in the Jacuzzi," Wendy said. "I just thought maybe we could do it together like we did then." "Ann, go right ahead," Wendy laughed. I'm not feeling an uncontrollable urge right this minute, but if you do, I don't mind." "Will you watch me?

Funny how it turned out, she thought, both of us now married to them.

Dave came walking out of the bedroom drying himself, his beautiful, six-foot frame well- muscled and tanned.

She smiled as she remembered growing up with Wendy.

They had been inseparable since they were small children, doing everything together, sisters in all but blood.

With a reluctant sigh he quickly changed into his suit, a light blue speedo, and followed her out into the other room. They were all feeling no pain from the wine and the pot and were enjoying the beautiful summer day. Ann's mouth opened and a slight moan came from her as Wendy realized that she had slipped a finger or two up into her pussy.