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Every time a man rolls over on his exhausted wife and insists on enjoying his conjugal right, he is raping her. ‘Instead of thinking of rape as a spectacularly violent crime – and some rapes are – think about it as non-consensual, that is, bad sex.

Sex where there is no communication, no tenderness, no mention of love.’ When asked what would be an appropriate punishment for men found guilty of rape, she said: ‘Two hundred hours of community service would do me.

Dr Frank Tallis, a clinical psychologist, details his experience with lovesick patient Megan, a happily married woman in her 40s who became obsessed with her dentist, stalking him for around 18 months.

Ely Calil (left), 72, was found after apparently falling down the stairs of the multi-million pound property in Holland Park, West London.

Thomas Entwistle, 27, and his wife Rebekah, 24 (pictured top left) described the enormous wooden structure (pictured after it was torn down on the ground main and before bottom left)) as 'like the Berlin Wall' and said it made them 'feel like prisoners in their own home', after it has spoiled the view from their house in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Music teacher Thomas was dumbfounded to discover the wooden barrier standing just 2ft from their front door and living room windows after they came back from the Dominican Republic earlier this month.

Barnett said it was her 'hope' that Kardashian would also have an opportunity to make Johnson's case to the president.