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I think the box it shipped in weighs twice as much as the poncho liner.

Good news: the lenses were only a little pocked from teeth marks, but I could still see through them clearly! This is exactly what I was looking for to be used for backpacking, canoe camping, a 72 hour bug out bag & all around utilitarian rucksack.

Once I got the pack set up and adjusted to my frame, I have been amazed at the comfortable fit and amount of space found in the two main compartments plus size of the two additional sustainment pouches.

I'm not sure what bells and whistles and colors a person needs for a sleeping bag but this one works better than the rest.

Quality is excellent, fit is good, but mine leaves a goofy looking peak on top - not like the pictures in your add, which are flat on top.

Should have heeded the buy once, cry once motto on this item. That supplier discontinued them and posted that the manufacturer went out of business. Only 2 of them did not contain numerous quarter sized holes and larger or stains that covered the majority of the blanket. I live in Michigan and winters get bitter cold with temps to -15 F and below at times.

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    Generally, that will involve ceramic or stainless steel grinders.

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    I was still as nervous if not more so considering I would soon be walking around the city wearing so little. He kissed me on the cheek with a smile on his face.

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