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Although BDSM sex is usually done with consenting adults, it has been linked to some sexual assault cases. The infamous Fifty Shades of Gray movie was banned in several African countries.

In an attempt to curtail spread of BDSM knowledge, many countries have initiated clampdowns on camgirls who are viewed as small scale peddlers of BDSM content. Malaysia recently banned a festival deeming it too extreme.

As a film director or festival organizer who is keen to reap huge sums of profit, it is prudent to make sure the film or festival in question is in line with a society’s culture so as to avoid negative criticism.

It is for this reason that most film directors ban camgirls and reallifecam hd, reallifecam porn, real life cam sex models from their films in an attempt to make them universally acceptable so as reach as many viewers as possible.

Camgirls share sensual content online in an attempt to earn money or for attention.