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You would (and still do) set your mind to things and always follow through.

I’ve been seeing someone for about 2 months now, and we have sex often but he won’t call me his girlfriend even though we’ve met each other’s families, spend a lot of time together and act like we are dating.

I was recently sent this article which details tips and techniques that may be useful to you men out there seeking your hotwife fantasy to come true. It’s fairly long so I’m going to post it in 7 parts, one every week or so.

Here’s the first segment: Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife Part I - “How can I turn my wife into a hotwife?

My dearest girl, When I first learned that I was pregnant with you, many people told me how hard it is to raise a child in the current climate. You're not my only child, but you are my only girl, which put a bit of pressure on me to really get it right.