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However, far from all ethical sluts are polyamorous, and far from all people in polyamorous relationships have the "ethical slut" attitude.

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The most common one in the real world is an Open Committed Relationship in which a couple act as primary partners to each other, but have agreed to love and cherish other people as partners as well.

Unlike swingers, though, relationships with secondary partners will go beyond mere sex or intimacy, to include broad-spectrum involvement in their lives.

For over a decade Kamala Devi has been a leader in the Neotantra scene using community-building tools from Enlightenment Intensive trainings, The Artist's Way, and the ZEGG Forum.

Kamala Devi identifies as bisexual, polyamorous, kinky, and ecosexual.

She is an author of several books on sacred sexuality including: Sacred Sexual Healing: The SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic.