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COM To update stats for all the domains on that server use /usr/local/plesk/webstats If you face any problem or get an error like below: Error: Unable to restore run data (99) Then take the following steps to resolve this problem: 1. but this will fix it than update stats as i shown you before and you should not get any error even this does not works, I mean to say, if the webstat stops itself, then check the following Check the root user’s crontab (crontab -l when logged in as root) and see if statistics is enabled, or even present.

but that is because the stats program became corrupted on this domain…

If you still want to disable webalizer (just to prove that it has nothing to do with your current problem), you could do the following: Change to the directory with webalizer: cd /usr/bin Rename the original webalizer program: mv webalizer Then create a dummy file in it’s place: touch webalizer And finally change the priviledges so that it is an ‘executable’ file: chmod 755 webalizer Now, just to confirm, you should be able to run the new webalizer program, and it will put you instantly back at the prompt.

/usr/bin/webalizer This is what will happen when statistics calls it.

Follow this link for a plesk article: Plesk Administration: Another issue had to do with a bug in plesk.