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Shoot me a message, and if it seems we'd get along in some capacity, we'll go out there, make an awful lot of noise, and rock the fuck out. I've had very good success with and other sites but maybe the population on OKCupid is a little different and I'm in a new geography.

Onoma, in my opinion the ad you posted crosses the line from cocky/funny to just being an asshole, but that's just me.

I think the asshat is a complete douche, a girly-man, but if that's your thing, then good luck to you. The first thing I did was explain a tiny bit about what I was doing to the women, and they seemed to get it.

Go hop on a plane and enjoy your time in Paris with Fabio, OK? I really don't.) [Edit: Now the bitches are saying that if I didn't care, I wouldn't devote any space to mentioning the French bastard. A couple of feminazi's messaged me to just call me out for being such a dick.

Most people (men and women) go through the list of available matches and rank them in their head and then only answer the ones that fall at the very top of the pecking order.

Insulting a girl right out of the gate by calling her a "train wreck, stupid, insecure, or boring" isn't going to make her want to contact you. This is THE most impressive profile I've ever seen -- it's mine.

I'm very close with my family and value that aspect of my life very highly. The upshot is that I am much better looking in person, I am not afraid of commitment, and I can be a lot of fun. Extra side of bacon please, and a diet coke to drink, i'm watching my figure. Crap about the universe, quantum physics, and biology that would render a normal persons brain into...bacon grease. I work hard so I can buy myself awesome shit like a laser that lights shit on fire! Fuck dorks and nerds, a bunch of losers if you ask me, which you will because I am so damn interesting. That's the reason I have dipped my toes into online dating. My grandmother just picked the same one up yesterday." Bang!