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^Ian aud Temple consider as doubtful, il nii^^lit be with the lanj^uag'^ft of Australia or of the Dra%'jdian and Scytblnn groupa, which they resemble in a few peculiarities, 8uch n^ tbe use uf post-positiona instead of prepositioti« ; the use of two forms — one inclusive, t!

io olber exelu Hive — for the Brst person of the plural, aud, iu general, iu the agf;lutinative structure of words. Annual abstracts of the observations, taken at the four recording stations are attached, as are also the annual registers of rainfall. The accompanying charts shew the mean annual pres- sure, temperature, rainfall, and the number of days on which •ain fell at Singapore, from 1870 to 1885.

Heading over tbese few Bent^ncea one la naturally reminded of the eon nee* tiou already noted by |diilolof;:ista auiouji^ others by otir enuni.»nt eollca^^^iic. MAin Y, as exiwtiu Lj between tbe Draviduiu aud Aus- tralian birif^iuvgert. These tables are interesting, and gain in importance every year. I regret that some of the registers shew a few un- ivoidable interruptions, but care will be taken in future that hese returns be made as complete as possible.

(*) To lliese Messri;*, Man and Temflk add a third philoloj^ieal «^ron[i whii-b ba» probably preceded the two otherft.

Uti/fkinti, Vo L \\ |% 1*2 L) ' '-^ Pkk.hako, h H\ ctt, ^.^'\ o tuuml murcovtft in the same vocabulary, tmu Hlateil into **** ^*^ t of ZAiiibaict? M, Mo KTAKO wnlt tlio Mam/iinias, or Xogritofi of Mii Klaiuio. ( See Cask ) kepsingan and kepsan r bunoh {See Commit t. Mak., jinisi kaum ^ Knowledge elmu Known, well- * ni^shur Kris ^ kris L Labour, toj work hininjj Lad subbal Ladder h^gd An Lade, to; fdl Ift An Ladle siiduk Lad)^ * Tnche Lame tfinka Afaiay. Occurs m Sund* and Batrsrt 1 inuht M (^'^'t r Chraji^ Low watr T liiinas ; liumrma^ Luck, t(f Hprl maraivau sukut Luck, h;ir] mai T^T siikut "^ hawa ukisu haw a nafsu (J ENGLISH, SULU, AND MALAY VOCABULARY. X ikma t Mahoniedan * isl Am islam ipat Maintenance s&nt&pan fsantapan, food (of \ Rajas) Maize g&ndom {See Corn) Make, to hin Ang Make, to; compose hindngk&n Malady kas&kit An ka-sakit-an (5'r^Ache) Malay, a tan Malaiyau Male issak Mallet t{ik61 (See Hammer) Man ; people tan Mandate *tit Ah {See Decree) Manure Idmfigei Many ; much mataud ; mataut Many, how pil Ah pildh ^^sd'kkn Many, so sa'kian. [See \ Blame) r dayang, maid of hon- \ our, lady in waiting.

, thirteen wordu which are not Malay, lie » olt U.iio*l, uot without ajujt* trouble, from ao A(«ta, the fonywing: verwi 1 am goiugr Be vi^rv Ta .' «M All) I mn g«e forgottc Ji (by) \m. But these people con M make them^t'lve.'* unilemtootl by hiu guides who spoke to them a kiutl of corrupted or rather Bimplified Bisaya. and Sund., sam- 'buku, knot, q, v.; ru- , was, joint of a cane Joint (of a reed) j \* bfiku knot Judge, a h&ktm hakim K * lun&s but Ang * t6ng kips Tn chuchuk sagau ; mdksagau pateian ; * bunoh sumbe pabunoh * ji^nls * kauni { lunas. murder) isimbilik t Jav., sam- beleh ; Bat., sambol* li ; Mak., samballe ter-bunoh. Map *pad peta » kur unut l Amut Medicine obdt Meet, to m4kb4g Meet; fitting *p4tut Meet, to h4nch6r tilam. and Sund., hukur j'Bat.f mengu- kur, to consider ; Day., ukur iubat. and Sund., patut; Tag., patot, to be useful {hanchur. chaul Aka ; chil&ka Mist Mistake g4b6ng s Ak Mistress ; lady dai Ang Mix, to Moat, a : ditch Model Modest ; bashful Moist ; wet Mother-of-pearl shells Motive Molest, to Monkey Month ; moon Monthly Moon, full Moon, new More ; again More than l Amut gita * ch6nto masipuk ^ bfisah ; mabas Ah Tchelaka. and \ Sund., chelaka ; i Mak., chilaka ; Day., (^ chalaka. J Sund., dayang; Kw., \ deyahf young woman / of high rank ; Tag., ( dayang^ lady tipei * sebab us Tb Ahan Amok b Cil An * bfil An-bfil An d Aml Ak k Asub Angen d Akum Au laing p A ing chonto basah {See Cause) bulan. I and Bis., 5// /^7«; Mak., di4lang; Bug.,ulang; Tag., bowan ; Malag., widana '6/ Mosque 14ng4r Mosquito hilftm Mother ind Mount, to ; ascend s&k&t Mountain bfid ; gimbi Mourn, to ; weep m Aktingis Mouse ; rat Mouth &mbau simut Move, to ; remove p Tnd Ahe Much ; many mataud ; m Staut Mug ; cup p Tngftn Murder, to bunoh Mussels, shell-fish, &c.

This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. What degree of influence tlio forest d happily now checked), which has been ^-oinr* or sonje years, ha3 luid on onr rainfall, it is difficiilt t considering the situation of Singapore island rei the two monsoons, and the very few hil U we I cnongh to affect much the raiu-beariug clouds think it has been very great. That, however, forest desiccation does influ fall materially, there can be little doubt, proofs now exist, but in further confirmation in| an article "which appeared early in this year in rican paper called the Snuthmi liivouac upon - dcwtruetion which has been going on recently in thi The writing is clothed in the tall but quaint and i guage of a Transatlantic cousin, whose view, thou jiiistic, doubtless yet contains much truth, ** Forest Desiccation "' and ruiis thus: — **If the progress of tree destruction in Alleghanies, should continue at the present rat iiiundations of the Ohio valley will soon assume aspect, and ere long the scenes of the river snbud ville and Cincinnati will repeat themselves at ( liattanooga, while the suui Tuers will beconiol drier, lu the Gulf States, the work of desieeatirdetl on 12th July, viz., 0,93 inches at Government Hill.