More than friends but not dating

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And when you do, he beams with pride at being the reason! Okay, it may be a tad bit misleading too but not when it comes along with the entire gamut of ‘signs.’ If he tells you that he feels blessed to have you by his side, involves you in his major decisions, shares his fears and hopes with you, and makes it known that he NEVER EVER wants to lose you, he surely has more than friendship on his mind. If your friends have noticed the way you look at each other, talk of those tickling sessions that more or less equals dry humping (coz let’s admit it, there’s a palpable sexual tension between you two!

) and have frequently teased you about your closeness to each other – it is a your cue to understand that the PDA is not part of ‘friendship’ alone! Usually this is a hyper normal reaction to my conversations or hangouts with other guys!

We both really enjoy the time we spend together; whether it be at a dance, going on a walk, watching a movie, eating dinner, etc.

When we watch movies we’ll cuddle and hold hands, and when I leave he’ll hug me goodbye. And he has made the decision that he doesn’t want to have a serious relationship before his mission.

😛 But after the burger was lost in the caverns of my tummy, my brain started to cook its very own dish about the yummy platter he and I’d be together!