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— — ™ BETTY BRONSON Watch a tropical sky in the evening, and suddenly a star appears where there was only deep blue before.

RAYMOND GRIFFITH Congratulations if you were one of those who picked Raymond Griffith last season asthebiggestrisingstarincomedy!

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An interesting story, fine actors and actresses, and Rex Ingram as director combine to make it a wonderful picture.

Somebody Tripped on This \X7her B were all the black shoes when TT The White Sister was filmed?

Goodbye deep blues, now Betty's Paramount stardom has dawned 1 Her new season Paramount Pictures will be A Kiss for Cinderella, Not So Long Ago and The Golden Princess.

A regular jumping cracker for agility, giving us all more unexpected laughs than a gold-fish takes turns in a bowl.

Mary Philbin is distinctly a Griffith type and she cer- tainly should not be wasted on such per- fectly meaningless things as The Rose of Paris.