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We could always find people to talk to about the Gospel because religion is so important to them. It’s a huge advantage going to the Southern states because it gives you a chance to build on the faith that they already have in Jesus and give them more. If you go to any festival or town market, they will have deep fried oreos or deep fried snickers. I didn’t have to try it, but I heard a lot of horror stories. They have greens, which is like a leafy vegetable that they would stew. They have lots of peaches in the summer and wonderful produce.

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They will invite you over to dinner even if they don’t know you well. My transfer was the first giant transfer of sister missionaries. I can’t remember exactly, but we had a lot of sisters.

I asked the elders how they felt about it and at first they thought it was weird because they had already been out about 6 months before the first big group of age change missionaries. People love Jesus Christ and would do anything for the Lord.

To the west we covered the Tupelo MI which covers Tupelo MI on down to Starkville.

We also covered little parts of Tennessee, so it is a pretty big mission geographically.

I really liked being in the South and experiencing that culture, because religion is such an important part of the Southern way of life.