Jakarta dating club

I saw another girl seated on the couch and signalled her to come to me and asked how much to massage which she replied 400,000 rupiah! Today Country can be good but I was refused by 4 girls in succession and got real pissed and left. Only 2 places are any good, Top Gun from 10-midnite then My Bar from midnite-5.

I took her and she led me to a room..enroute to the room,the previous girl whom I met earlier persuaded me to take her as the 2nd girl which I declined too..later teased me saying that I'm proud which I ignored her... She removed her clothes and I removed mine too,later she took a shower for me including massaging my cock. I guess they must be scared that I got a big dick or something lol. Forget the disco on the 4th floor which is loud and dark and sucks a rats and walk up to the third floor. Girls here speak a bit of English but as someone mentioned are nearly all single mothers.

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After 5 mins, I was lying on the bed and she start to massage my body using her big breasts! A nice selection of girls ST for 256,000 R which is about $30. Central Jakarta is where all the 5* hotels are located. Here you will find girls who speak good English but they don't come cheap. It is impossible to guess what their body looks like beneath their clothes but I guess it helps to be drunk.

Then,she grabbed my cock and started to suck it...including my balls! They will want from 300,000 - 500,000 to spend the night but you will pay almost that amount just buying drinks for them and their friends if you want to hang out with them in the bars first.

Regretted of arriving early so guys,take note about this coz later realised that all the excitement only starts at 11pm! I’ve never seen or tried place like this before, where you could go down with the girl first in a beautiful hot pool before you nail and bang them in bed.

As was still early,took a cab from the beginning road of pelatehan to melawai hotel nearby which costs 20,000 rupiah. Unfortunately, the price was higher than other similar places in Jakarta.

She has a solid body despite giving birth to a baby already,gives blow-job but not anal! We both undressed, she washed her pussy, and she told me to lie face down on the bed, my head on the pillow.