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If you choose to enroll as a company, the process will be slightly more complicated (you will need to submit documents to prove your involvement with the company).There are two main benefits to enrolling as a company: So, if you think one of these may be relevant to you now or in the future, maybe it’s worth dealing with the extra paperwork of signing up as a company, instead of as an individual.Just remember: in the end you will be able to submit an app (or multiple apps) to the App Store for potential fortune and glory!

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In the past, there were three programs: i OS, OS X, and Safari.

Now there is one program and the same fee (US$99 per year) covers all platforms.

Finally, you will need Xcode, Apple’s development software.

You can download Xcode from the Mac App store now or wait until it’s covered later in the tutorial.

Once you’ve made your decision, click : Enter your billing/business information to verify your identity.