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Heidi, you might be surprised to hear that gays and lesbians do not always have to navigate their lives that differently from heterosexual Iranians.

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Although unconfirmed, the report suggested that Iran had reportedly pledged to stay out of fighting in southwest Syria between Syrian forces and rebel groups. withdrawal from the accord was a 'violation of morals', Rouhani said in remarks carried by state television.

While Israel said it will not intervene in battles near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights or the Israel-Jordan border unless Iranian troops were involved...Fuel prices will continue to rise as investments in alternative energy spike while President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal is likely to accelerate the rise in fuel prices. But he said Iran would stick to the deal in return for guarantees on economic sanctions.

”“Visit Isfahan,” another unofficial Iranian tourism spokesman might say.

“It is truly a magnificent city.”Iranians will remind visitors of the many physical splendors of the country then spoil them with their hospitality.

'But again, I think the biggest mistake is the fact that the United States ever entered into the Iran deal in the first place,' she rebutted.