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You can click on individual routes and route segments and submit a comment on the selection. Check out the menu options (top left corner of the map) to customize the view to make the map easier for you to use.Yes, making comments is tedious, but it's important.To ensure that access to collecting areas is not lost to industrial projects Rockhounds must reiterate anew their concerns to BLM by the Left: Draft (preferred alternative) DRECP showing Development Focus Areas (DFAs)(magenta-colored areas), where utility-scale renewable energy projects could be built.

The WEMO Planning Area covers 9.4-million acres of the CDCA in the western portion of the Mojave Desert in southern California, including parts of San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, Kern, and Inyo counties.

The WMRNP applies to the 3.1-million acres of public lands within the WEMO Planning Area." Why is the Route Network Planimportant for Rockhounds?

Download a FAQs sheet on the DRECP » To ensure continued access to hobby collecting areas in California's deserts, BLM needs to hear from Rockhound advocates. If you or your club would like to sign onto our letter: ● Download the current draft version of SDMG's letter at: https://goo.gl/k Nbki M (short URL).

● Download a flyer on how to sign onto SDMG's letter (2 easy steps) » Want to write your own letter?

BLM notice of intent (2/2/2018): Docket Number 2018-02098 What it proposes: Amend DRECP to seek greater opportunities for renewable energy generation.