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And even while still a villain, the Jerk Jock can garner sympathy if he's given a Freudian Excuse (with having a "Well Done, Son!

" Guy as a father or an outright abusive family being the most common).

See Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up and Kids Are Cruel. Note if a character is a bully, but isn't depicted as a Sports player or a rich boy with Good publicity, then they're probably just a Barbaric Bully.

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In shows dealing with the fantastic, he can often be found Mugging the Monster, or portrayed as stupid enough to bully someone even if he knows that they have powers that could reduce him to a smear on the wall.

Whilst it's not as common to get a sympathetic side to the Jerk Jock as with the Alpha Bitch, you'll sometimes get a softer version who isn't evil so much as an arrogant, self-absorbed Jerk with a Heart of Gold who doesn't really know any better.

Unfortunately, this trope tends to be somewhat a Truth in Television, and very much restricted to team sports.

The reason is diffusion of responsibility: team sports encourage tribal mentality, loyalty to own tribe (team), hostility to other tribes (other teams) and complete indifference towards outsiders.

And he inevitably decides that Our Heroes are his favorite targets.