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In the 107 sessions of the technical program area, the fo¬ cus will be on computers and energy and other computer application areas, in addition to subjects ranging from ar¬ tificial intelligence to computer crime and privacy.

A fee of entitles an attendee to four days of confer¬ ence sessions, four days on the exhibit floor and a copy of the proceedings. for use by military or police entities of the Republic of South Africa and Namibia" and was issued "in order to further U. foreign policy re¬ garding the preservation of human rights," according to the Commerce Department.

Vega's purported scheme in¬ volved manipulation of public assistance case data input at the Hawthorne DPSS district office. S.— $18 a year; Canada and PUAS — $28 a year; Europe and Near East — $75 a year; all other foreign — $125 a year.

Public assistance cases originate at DPSS district of¬ fices, where relevant data is accumulated on cassette tapes using Sycor, Inc. This data is then transmitted to a Honeywell Information (Continued on Page 6) By Ronald A. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass., and additional mailing offices PN127420. Reproduction of material appearing in Computerworld is strictly forbidden without written permission. Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Murphy Margaret Phelan £tabp MEDIA 0ATA FORM POSTMASTER: Send Form 3579 (Change of Address) to Computerworld Circulation Dept., 797 Washington St., Newton, MA. ac Sleuth Gets Canadian Crime Data By Brad Schultz CW Staff OTTAWA — Civilian employees of the Ottawa Police Department gave confidential criminal history informa¬ tion stored in the Canadian Police In¬ formation Centre (CPIC) network to a private investigation agency, the On¬ tario Police Commission (OPC) has found.

In addition, Computerworld has learned that the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (Cbema) — with IBM as the largest member — lobbied against adoption of regula¬ tions that might have slowed IBM's and other members' trade even before the ban was imposed. Vega allegedly sent checks totaling $8,025 to himself, $10,760 to another person and $5,040 to a third person from January through March, ac¬ cording to Lt.

Ed Alec of the Los Angeles district attorney's office.

Morgan "abruptly quit” her position after the RCMP interest became known, according to another source.

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