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TMZ checked LA County marriage records right back to 2010 and nothing has been 2019 election is just 500 days away.

If you look at the polls, it would seem that Justin Trudeau will be one-term Prime Minister.

I really hate this one, especially if it's accompanied with loud lip smacking and chewing.4) The sound of a paper takeout bag crinkling as some mouth breather rifles through it in eager anticipation of whatever high fat, calorie and carb laden treasure it contains.

You're a human, not a piglet and believe it or not, your greasy burger will be still be in there in the extra second it takes to open the bag slowly and with some decorum. Vacations with your "Bestie," that can't be explained. Caitlyn Jenner will not attend her son Brody's wedding, and TMZ has learned it's the result of a profound family divide that goes back to the time Bruce married Kris ... Jenner family sources tell us Brody is extremely upset his dad has taken a pass for his wedding.

I can't criticize this woman about this, though: she doesn't have tenure yet, as I do, and she is morbidly sensitive to slights and would just cry if I told her not to do this. I love Magdalen, her vids on Youtube are brilliant. She describes herself/itself/whatever the fuck pronoun as 'parent to two, partner to three'. they say allowing Kris to put a wall between a dad and his kids from other marriages.