Fellatio dating site dating other men

I would not dare post the "holy grail" of blow jobs on this site.

It's for your eyes only and a few select friends in my circle.

Its the enthusiasm and willingness to try it that counts. Find a comfortable, distraction-free place where you two can talk with your clothes on. Every man is different.......will send one man to the moon.....bore the hell out of another! Try one thing and pay attention to his reaction.....something different and pay attention to his reaction......repeat till you find the techniques that make his toes curl!! I might like it but I still don't make too much noise, so your man could be the same way.

The hottest thing a girl can do for a guy, is jam his sexual sausage all the way down her gullet, and proceed to emit horrible strangling sounds, as though she's suffocating or choking on something enormous. When you bring it up, don't ever imply that there's anything wrong with the way you do it now. The one thing every man I've been with liked........contact. Just because he doesn't say much doesn't mean he's not enj0ying it.

The women I've been with that seem to do it the best have a sense of when I'm building to a climax and as I build they slow the action down, making me beg for her to finish me off. Don't use your teeth , take your time, keep a steady rhythm and don't forget his [email protected] and @ss.