celeb dating rumors - Facebook access token error validating application

Are there any posts in the Stream Test area of the channel?Did you ever manage to get the permission prompt for your channel owner?Part of the problem of changing domain names is that a lot of things like the Facebook Channel get invalidated.

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4) Copy the App Token from this page and add it to the input in our plugin’s Facebook Options page. You should now see a message saying “Your APP Token is working!

” The reason for getting a Long Lived User Access token is so you can show more posts from a Group or Event, Usually you do not need this for a Facebook Page if you are only showing your posts from Facebook.

This article provides you an alternative method to get access tokens.

When you Goto Settings ‘ as in the image above, that means you won’t be able to get the access token.

Please have them login on the front-end of the site and accept the correct permission." And I am not getting the validation popup. There may be no current posts available from the social network.