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She wants a college education, so had no other option.

She tried to apply for government grants, scholarships, but the irony is that her parents make enough money so that she’s not eligible for anything.

Mrs Minor agrees, adding: ‘Miriam’s a beautiful girl, half Indian, half American. They wouldn’t have any idea what was wrong with their daughter and this is happening. The sisters are brilliant, articulate, wonderful girls.

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As one family member says: ‘The more interviews she did, the more the truth came out that the family didn’t cut her funding.

She just said that paying such a large amount would be a strain on any family, but it’s hard to see they’d abandoned her.

She gets $1,500-2,000 per shoot, then I get a cut, which is less than 20 percent and then it’s taxed.

It’s a legitimate business I run.‘She simply had to make a decision whether she wanted to continue with her college career or drop out of school.

Hershie told me that student debt cripples young people and she made sure Paul didn’t come out with a penny of debt.