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I’m not sure if it’s the fact that they’ve got a conference call on their ear, a group text message going out, messaging their team on Slack in a frenzy, all while balancing books and binders and paperwork and mail, but something about an entrepreneur’s ability to balance chaos makes for their appearance at social gatherings to be reliably late. It usually runs about 15-20 minutes late consistently, with the rare half-a-hour-late appearance.And it doesn’t end there, because when they do show up, they manage to balance the emotions of everyone who would have been annoyed at their tardiness with a charming smile, a question like, “How is your new baby? I’ve figured out lots of secrets to get him places on time when punctuality is essential—I can’t talk about them here obviously.This means no interruptions, something I happen to be terrific at.

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Ultimately, I know that if he accomplishes everything he needs to during his focus time, he’ll be a much happier partner and much more apt to focus on me when I want him to.

There’s a good chance that if your boo is an entrepreneur, he or she is either a people-person or has had to become one.

It’s always on the hunt for a better idea, a new idea, or an idea to renovate an old idea.

You’ll be standing on the beach, arms around each other—as I have been very recently—gazing into the sunset, connected and in tune with each other.

Most of all, you’ll see what drew your partner into this world and why he or she is willing to sacrifice everything for their dream.