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If they'd tried that a year ago I doubt they would of lasted long but with the weather going nuts and the oil wells drying up they'd enjoyed more success than they should have.By all accounts in the news I figured there must be thousands of Keepers under the Earth's surface perhaps tens of thousands or even more.This wasn't the first time Britannia had suffered like this.

The food had been cleared out by rioters and had all the good booze but there were newish newspapers here and I picked one up to have a read. Bad weather had cut down on oversees trade as ships were sunk.

The oil had started running out which meant less petrol for cars and trucks further limiting trade.

Now follow his journey as he goes from one of many Keepers to the greatest of them all. I do need some more names so if you would like a Keeper named after you let me know. From scraps of information I'd picked up, mostly from old newspapers, other parts of the world weren't faring much better than the city of my birth.

This place that greatly changed since the days I walked this city a child.

Dungeon Keeper 2 is everything its predecessor was, only better and badder!

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