Vedio webcam asian mude daylimotion - Dating the taurs man

You are a human male or female, finding yourself alone you start looking around in chat rooms and find another person like yourself.You learn that they are ether a furry or taur (foxtaur, wolftaur, etc) male, female or herm and are larger then normal, coz of this they are out casts.

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It's an exciting read, but the real adventure begins when you find yourself sucked into the pages, and living out the shrunken stories." "Loosly Based somewhere in the series 'Law of ueki' where you meet the Yellow gaint yourself. " "Exactly what the title says, this will be the beginning of a new story where every since type of vore will be added, and every type of story will be told, you choose where, you choose how, and you choose how you meet your end.

"But your help will be needed if you want to create this concept"" "Tiffany, a cute 16 year old girl from Westside high school.

RULES: 1) Only Tiffany can swallow anyone or use the shrink ray.