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Make sure to avoid the "Ads" as those restaurants have paid to be pushed to the top.Going to the movies is an experience that will never get old.

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They own a gazillion newspapers and are based somewhere far away like New York.

The first sign of change for me came in the form of two identical letters containing two identical forms telling me that I must fill out these forms before I can be paid.

I sat down and wrote out my many feelings and frustrations in an email, knowing that if it ever reached its destination, it would be scanned by robots and I would never receive an adequate answer. Not only did you buy out our beloved Register-Guard, but now I have forms to fill out before I can be paid for my column.

Forms that make no sense, forms that were surely invented at Guantanamo as a supplement to waterboarding."You have to have that 10-digit number on your invoice, because we have thousands of people we pay every day, and if there are duplicate names your payment could go to someone else!

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