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In essence, I think of the different physiological makeup of the man and the woman and that somehow, being single can offset certain weaknesses but when it comes to the family, both partners are needed.The man's contribution in objective input on logic and reason and the woman's influence on human relationships and needs thus help to promote strength together for the family. Eventually, after a few bad falling outs with a couple people, we close ourselves off to the rest of the fish in the sea, believing they are the same.

If we look at the example of a family with the wife who tries to be like the man, we have a situation where the roles are different now, because of the presence of the man.

Man, no matter how gifted or ungifted have a certain ability to say that he is THE man in the house.

So, what in the world took us from a world where high school sweethearts were a regular happening, to a generation that thrives on situationships?

I'm not just talking about girls either; I know plenty of guys, who despite acting tough, really don't let go of that girl that crushed them.

You know how it is- you fool around for a while, both of you are too afraid to talk about a label, and before you know it the communication dies down and eventually you aren't even friends anymore.