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French and British military police work with the Americans in protecting the interests of their nationals who use the road. travelers on the road are protected by military; police of the 287th MP Co under Capt Richard Giacomazzi and by the Helmstedt detachment of MPs under Maj Philip Kelsey.If you do anything else, even show your documents, you are recognizing East German authority and are liable to prosecution by U. Usually things go smoothly, but incidents do occur.

They may stop you to ask for your papers, to claim you were speeding, to hitch a ride or to ask for a visa or an autobahn road tax. There are three turnoffs to West Berlin and if you turn wrong you may end up in East Germany.

You should not engage in any conversation with them, except to ask for a Soviet officer who in turn must contact American officials. You are briefed on these turnoffs before you leave the Allied checkpoint, and you are given a map with you which you must return at the end of the trip.

If you want to keep up with the new technologies – like 3D-printing, sustainable aviation and industry 4.0 – then you need to meet the right people with the right know-how. And when will it be possible to mine raw materials in space?

ILA Berlin offers the perfect stage for these discussions – here, trade issues are in focus more than at any other event. The top experts on these issues come to Berlin to join discussions with key policymakers, industry experts and researchers. At ILA Berlin, over 1,000 exhibitors showcase their expertise – from civil aviation to defense, security and space, and from major corporations to highly specialized suppliers.

But if you're looking for a drive that is different, try the road to Berlin -- on the Helmstedt approach, of course.