Dating a guy who has never had a girlfriend Las meros webcamsex

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we've gotten a lot closer than ever before and he even worked up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend after a few months (his friends claim it's more than likely the first time he's ever asked a girl this, ever.) i was surprised & gently said 'not now' b/c i wasn't ready.

he seemed ok with that and we continued dating as usual (at a very slow pace, but i imagine it's a very 'fast" pace for him!

) he's a generally 'shy' guy, is alone a lot and seems to prefer it, and has never had a real girlfriend. a couple years after meeting, we finally hooked up briefly off & on but he never really 'pursued' me, it was nothing serious (his friends say it was serious to him though) and by the time he finally worked up the desire/courage?

to ask me on a real date, i was dating someone else.

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