Choi ji woo dating lee jin wook

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I want to give you an order and i want you to obey it, will you? I wish to watch more drama's with kwon sung woo ... I even pressured my husband to watch your dramas and translate your interview. I told him to buy your movies when he goes back to Korea...there's a lot of people here in the U. You are the only person in this world who touch my heart deeply in movie Winter Ballad and celebrity lover I enjoyed your script words and can tell you are a person with a big heart I shall always remember you thanks so much touch my life Junkuy lee ( lambert) CHOI JI-WOO , you re really a best and, a beautiful asia actress I ve seen, since a serial drama WINTER SONATA ,that always remembering in my heart.. One of the world's great beauties and, as previously stated below, the undisputed "Queen of Hallyu". ;) I have watched winter sonata more than 10 times, n never bored watching it again n again.

Just found your work in the last few months, enjoy your movies very much, and looking forward to seeing your work in the future. your act left my deep impression and many fans of that drama series... I may not be able to meet you i know coz it's impossible, but i do hope my message would reach you. Every scene is so wonderful n touching n it never happens to any other dramas I have watched.

but I've felt the true love in a young age because of You! yet it felt so warm during the tough cold rain anyways... I was reminded of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, in Roman Holiday, when Miss Hepburn shoots the paper sleeve of a straw through the air. The first time, I had been feeling loved one Korean actress from you, your good with one heart, but not anyone can be. making this message and sending it to you is a wonderful dream come true!!! Choi ji woo, You are the best because your acting in winter sonata proved to me that you deserved the best place in tv or movie drama. I hope that in the future you and Yong Joon will continue together another beautiful dramas. Once again I wish you all the best in your future dramas and movies.

You are the reason that after more than 10 years, I'm still madly in love with Korea and everything about. One of those rare, carefree moments that life sometimes brings, and the joy of them remain forever. I loved your every acting with pureity and genuine gesture. With love Elena/ Helen She is the best of the best actress that I have known.

Gathering that since Choi Ji Woo is 43 then he’s maybe a decade younger than her.