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You can imagine how a conservative TV station like WCCO reacted to stuff like that.” After an eight-month stint at WCCO-TV, Mondale left the station and landed a job at the now-defunct WLOL-FM.

In 1991, she married WLOL DJ Greg “Thunder” Malban. Over the next 10 years, Mondale spent time in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and landed TV gigs on the Lifetime Channel, hosted programs on E!

and a segment on CBS’s “This Morning,” appeared on “Murphy Brown” and was a guest celebrity on “Hollywood Squares.” She returned to the Twin Cities in 2002.

Three years later, Mayo Clinic doctors diagnosed her with brain cancer.

Kelly Miyamoto, the gym’s founder, called Mondale “a great champion and mentor.” “She had such a beautiful spirit. Paul magazine dubbed her “Wild Child.” Jones, her radio show co-host, would agree with that to a point. “Even as she was dying, she was funny.” “As crazy as it was,” said Mondale in a 2006 interview with Mpls. Paul magazine about the media scrutiny she was under, “what hurt most were the rumors that weren’t true.