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Fonda has fun as a the group’s de facto Samantha, kicking around in body-hugging outfits, swilling booze (I think someone has a drink in their hand in just about every scene of this movie), and prodding the other gals to live a little.

Vivian lives by a particular code that is the stuff of pure movie gimmickry, but her steadfast rejection of intimacy—other than sex, of course—is challenged by the re-emergence of an old flame played by Don Johnson.

At least Garcia is there to help temper things, to keep Keaton tethered to the planet until she regains her bearings.

I don’t love that Carol’s plot is really about the husband and not about her, but Steenburgen finds charm in the details, using her warm, folksy pluck to keep the story bouncing along.

They finally get to reading the books in the new comedy from director Bill Holderman (he co-wrote it with Erin Simms), getting so hot and bothered by Anastasia Steele’s sexual awakening that they find themselves on their own journeys of self-discovery (or rediscovery), yielding comedic rewards with a poignant sheen.