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I know it’s fun sending a little sexy pic to remind a man that you’re a beautiful sexy Flower, but not while you are going through a divorce.

Those naked photos of you can and will be used in court against you if you are going through a divorce or, God forbid, a custody battle.

Some of you will be thinking, I would never do this, but some of you will be thinking that it’s okay and fun to send men naked photos that are and I’m just being a prude.

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are becoming the no1 dating choice for open-minded, forward thinking elite Beverly Hills singles.

Finding a good sugar daddy arrangement in the Beverly Hills dating scene can be time consuming and weeding out the salt daddies and sometimes salt babies can feel like a full time job.

Bottom line: If it’s a photo you wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on social media, you shouldn’t send it!

Stick to sending sexy tasteful shots, at least in lingerie, and only after several months of dating.

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