Best chat sexy game

Spin the dial and find out what you'll be doing together in three categories: sensual foreplay, erotic foreplay and sexual positions.More » Couples can decide just how risky they want to get with Consenting Adults, a sexy game that asks questions of its users to see just how far they want to go.

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Not for shy couples, or those who haven't already decided to have sex. More » Intended as an IQ-type board game but with all of the questions focused on sexual trivia, this couples game should be played with three to six *adult* players, and comes with a board, dice, and cards to choose category questions from.

Looks like a promising couples game to choose when you've got friends over who aren't terribly shy.

A Hot Affair is definitely worth a serious look for couples wanting to reconnect with one another.

More » Think of Advanced SEX Techniques as a Twister-like game for foreplay and sexual intercourse with your partner.

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