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There even is the possibility that the sex trade will then move underground, which may prove detrimental to the AIDS-control programme in India.

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It is something accepted by all that under the present law, only the women are targeted while the clients go scot free.

Many attempts to make some remedies were made but only by the ITPA of 1986 when a maximum punishment of three months for soliciting was introduced for clients.

The law to tackle prostitution i.e., the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act ( ITPA), 1956 is often misused. However, little has been and is being done to regulate or prohibit flesh trade, estimated to be a Rs. Presently there is this confusion building up as one side reiterates that prostitution should be criminalized on three strands of thought- Morality, Legal Paternalism and Harm to Other.

Devlin in his book takes the view that not all-immoral acts calls for criminal sanctions but only those that evoke from people, feelings of intolerance, indignation and disgust.

We should not go much into the SITA, as it stands repealed with the coming into force of the ITPA.