Are louie and sabrina from dancing with the stars dating

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Although Riley claims to be a dog person, among her stuffed animals is Violet, her purple cat that she has since childhood.

Riley has an unshakable penchant for painting purple cats; in most episodes that involve art or art class, Riley is shown painting only purple cats, and in so doing invariably ends up with purple paint all over her hands and forearms (an early exception to this is Girl Meets Maya's Mother, in which Riley's artwork involves drawings of Lucas).

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Ri-Ri (Gammy and Harriet)Riles, Pumpkin, Honey, Sweetie, Rapunzel, Petunia, Riley the Sweet (by Maya)Little Nut Job (by Maya)Little Pangers, Niche (by Eric)Super Klutz (by everyone off-screen)Miley Flatshoes, Siley Cashews (by herself in Girl Meets Farkle's Choice)Sweetie (by Maya and Cory in Girl Meets Pluto Morotia M.

But for all her acumen, she tends have some ditzy and sometimes scatterbrained moments.