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Relationships in such small communities can get even more complex when people choose their therapists because they know them and not because they saw their ad in the Yellow Pages.

A therapist's fellow congregation member, teammate in a local sports league or car dealer may all choose their psychologist because they have come to know him or her personally and they share values, attitudes, morals and or spiritual values.

I’m not a fan of magazines and still images, but I absolutely love watching people get it on.

I’ve opened up about my voyeurism, and definitely admit that I’m highly aroused by being able to get a sneak peek into the sex lives of others.

Approximately 13 million women check out at least one porn site per month, according to Nielsen ratings.“Porn provides an alternative way for women to satisfy their curiosity, learn more about sexuality, and explore sexual desires and sexual positions in the privacy of their home alone or with a partner,” says Ta Mara Campbell.

This category had the biggest response, with 68% of the women indicating it is in their top three favorites.

Porn in this instance refers to sexually explicit videos featuring men and women engaging in various types of kinky, sexy activity.