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You do have different versions [of the same outfit], as far as bloody versions or…for me, after I had been buried, I had a shirt that had blood and dirt on it. I think something small has been announced about that…

BE: Will we be seeing Renee Walker in Season Eight? BE: The only thing I’ve heard is that Anil Kapoor from “Slumdog Millionaire” is going to be on next year. I can’t really say anything yet, because you never know what’s going to happen on the show, and if someone’s going to live or die, so that kind of ruins the fun. ), it’s funny because right after it airs on Mondays, I go and peek [around the web] just for five minutes.

my FOXLA: The FOX series Touch is one of the most addicting shows on TV – just ask me. So there was a definitely a “race against the clock” element to this particular episode that was very similar to . Not to embarrass you, have you ever watched the show before you were on it? That we’re all connected through this divine proportion and this little boy has the key. Annie Wersching: Yes, he’s one of the thirty-six – my FOXLA: Which is one of the numbers of the divine proportion.

Especially if you’re drawn to mysteries of how humans are all connected. my FOXLA: And we should tell everybody that this really has a lot to do with the divine proportion, the golden equation, the divine equation.

Both with a brief case of amnesia (a standard of preposterousness to which only cougars may aspire) and by getting killed in the final moments of the first day (showing that anyone could, and probably would, die on the show). “We had a back-up plan, but it was clear when we were shooting that I should be dead. Kiefer wondered if audiences would follow a hero who failed. The twist was a desperate necessity — the writers needed her character out of the action for a few episodes. “In the first season, they seemed to respond to the idea that Nina was this powerful woman,” says Sarah Clarke.