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Blackjack strategies, on the other hand, like the ones detailed in “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book”, go a step above that – they promise to pretty much guarantee your success.

Card counting is by far the most popular strategy for “beating” blackjack, allowing you to gauge the probability of a certain card coming up based on the cards that have been played before it (for example, if three 8s have already been played, the chance of an 8 coming up in your next hand is only a fourth of what it would’ve been with a shuffled hand).

Looking straight at you, US, Russia, Japan and France!

Read More We all know that while slots are the undisputed kings of casino games in terms of just how many different versions of them there are (I believe it’s a fair assumption to say that right now we’ve got at least 10,000 different online slots floating around different online casinos around the world, but don’t quote me on that – I just pulled that number out of my behind based on what I’ve seen), roulette definitely earns the silver medal in this category!

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