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All of this no doubt greased the wheels for both major and independent labels to give the green light to full-length albums in an incredibly diverse array of folk-rock styles.

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We've also, somewhat regrettably, excluded fine retrospective CD compilations by artists who never managed to release an album while they were active, though anyone who's interested in rare '60s folk-rock (or folk-rock in general, for that matter) would do well to check out Blackburn & Snow's , all of them featuring unreleased material and/or rare singles on par with the LPs discussed here.

Plus there's nothing from the intimately-related-yet-different '60s/early '70s British folk-rock scene, many of whose rarities have been discussed in a couple of recent RC features by Colin Harper (in "Top 20 Neglected Brit-Folk Gems," RC 305) and Richard Morton Jack (in "Strange Folk," RC 309).

It was also hacked apart and reassembled for a confusing 1970 Mercury reissue, Richard FariƱa died young (on April 30, 1966) and dramatically (in a motorcycle accident, on his wife's twenty-first birthday), right after publishing a well-regarded novel linking the beat and hippie eras ().

His wife Mimi -- sister of Joan Baez -- also died relatively young, albeit a quarter of a century later, after achieving renown in the San Francisco Bay Area as founder of Bread and Roses, an organization dedicated to staging musical events in prisons, old-age homes, homeless shelters, children's hospitals, and AIDs hospices.

Nor have they often been acknowledged as folk-rock pioneers, though their first jumps into the music roughly coincided with Dylan's.