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He was never found, and earned the unwanted distinction of being arguably the most famous of the “milk carton kids”.The Gosch kidnapping, on the heels of literally decades of missing and exploited child cases, served to create a heightened sense of fear and awareness among many parents and children not only in Omaha but across the nation.

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Taking orders from him at the table were the HEADS of AT&T, Union Pacific, Mutual of Omaha, the Omaha World Herald, and a few other major corporations.) – where were we?

Oh, yes, E John lived on a ranch just north of Los Angeles which was adjacent to the old Spahn movie ranch where Charles Manson was headquartered at the time of his crowning achievement.

In the process of researching an event which happened some 80 years ago, I went out and picked up a new library card in order to begin the arduous task of digging through volumes of ancient journalism on microfilm in pursuit of the story.

Upon visiting the library’s online resource page, my spirits were lifted when I found the Omaha World Herald archives were available online.

After much soul-searching, Nebraska fans concluded they had definitely won a moral victory) and a young Air Force recruit murdered two young boys in Sarpy County (Immediately south of Omaha.